Tips For Improving Reviews On Sites

Tips For Improving Your Reviews Across Different Sites and the Online Customer Experience

People are influenced by many factors when making a purchase. Things like color, size, durability, and aesthetics play a major role in the decision making process. One factor in particular, however, can either benefit or harm a product’s reputation: customer reviewers. Reviews are extremely important to both the businesses and the customers. A majority of customers say their decisions to purchase products are influenced by reviews of the product. By cultivating positive reviews, your business can influence people to purchase your product.

There are hundreds of online platforms where people sell products. This means there are just as many sites, if not more, where people review them. The best way to take advantage of all these sites at once is by becoming a multi channel merchant. As a multi channel merchant, you will have the challenge of improving your customer reviews across many different sites. Here are some tips to help you with that.

Set Up Profiles With Popular Review Sites

As a multi channel merchant, your products are found on many different e-commerce platforms at the same time. That means reviews are being posted in multiple places as well. You need to set up a profile on as many sites as you can, so you are in control of customers’ first impressions.

Keep your profile information consistent on each page, and make it as complete as you possibly can. It is important for customers to know you. Your profile is where customers can find your contact information, a link to your website, and a description of your business, among other things. This is where you let people know why they should patronize your business.

Respond To Reviews

Responding to reviews is like thanking a person for a referral. When a company replies to a customer’s review, it reinforces the customer and serves as a type of reward for their response. This is operant conditioning and can be used in many aspects of business. By replying to each and every review, businesses are encouraging customers to leave more reviews in the future.

Not only is responding to reviews courteous to the customers, but it also helps the business. When Google sees interaction between the business and its customers through reviews and replies, it infers that the page is actively managed. Google believes a website like that provides a good online customer experience and will allow more online exposure as a result.

Address Negative Reviews

Every product or service is bound to get some negative reviews. This could be because of a poorly designed product, miscommunication between a customer service representative and a client, or something completely out of anyone’s control, like a customer not liking the color of their product. The best way to handle negative reviews is to respond publicly. It can be stressful trying to decide how to respond to negative reviews, but it is important to do so. By responding in a public space, you are showing other potential customers your willingness to admit to your mistakes, correct your wrongdoings, and make it up to the customers.

One thing to keep in mind is that reviews on certain sites like Amazon have to adhere to specific guidelines. Be aware of any guidelines a review site may have, because if there is a negative review that does not follow the rules, it can be flagged and removed.

Encourage Customers To Leave Feedback

A lot of times, the only reason a customer is motivated to leave a review is because they are upset about the product or service. Even though negative feedback has the potential to turn around and be beneficial for your business (if you respond correctly), it is not the most desirable publicity. Thus, you should encourage customers who liked your product or service leave positive reviews.

Customers who are gently reminded to leave feedback are more likely to do so. Automated services can be used to alert customers to leave a review after a purchase has been made. This makes less work for you, as you do not have to remember to manually send an email out every time your product is purchased. With these automatic reminders appearing after every purchase, writing reviews eventually becomes part of the online customer experience and will happen naturally.

Monitor Your Reviews

People who sell online often come across many challenges in trying to improve their online customer experience and ultimately gain more positive reviews. This becomes especially challenging for multi channel merchants. Monitoring multiple sales websites and review platforms is daunting. With Listing Mirror, it can be less so. You can track your listings, inventory, and prices all in one place. There are also organizations specifically geared to focus on your reviews on multiple sites.

By introducing your business with a profile, responding to reviews–both negative and positive–and encouraging customers to leave feedback, you are well on your way to improving reviews across all of your different platforms.

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