Integration With Listing Mirror

October 20 2016 IN integration Integration With Listing Mirror

Integrate Amazon with using Listing Mirror!

Listing Mirror is excited to announce the public release of our Jet integration. This is in addition to our existing channel options such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, and more. See all existing integrations on Like all of our integrations, it fully supports the API, including variations, custom attributes, and returns.

Getting Started On

Getting started on is easy! If you don't already sell on Jet, apply to sell on the platform at the Partner Portal. Once you’ve completed the approval process, notify the Listing Mirror team for setup.
Full disclosure- there is a 30-day waiting period for Jet to approve your products. Let’s get you started soon so your products are listed in time for the holidays!

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What is Anyway

Aren’t familiar with Jet yet? No worries- we are here to help! Watch this super short video first:

Ok, ok… we realize that didn’t clarify much for most of you. Jet aims to lower costs for the buyer while also maximizing your profits as a seller. They offer incentives to the buyer, such as offering greater savings by adding more items to his shopping cart, to maximize the customer experience and ultimately make you, the buyer, more money through more sales. This video does a good job of explaining their niche in the market (Note: Jet no longer charges a membership fee to the consumer as the video says):

Unlike other marketplaces, Jet has no seller website to interact with. To sell on Jet, you need a marketplace partner, such as Listing Mirror, to connect to the Jet API. Through this API we will list new products, sync inventory, and process returns. And for details about how Jet handles pricing and margins for sellers, check out this article:

Jet is a potentially a fresh start for your products that are getting lost in the shuffle on Amazon. You could be the only seller of your items on Jet, versus one of many on Amazon. Also, having a wider customer base is never a bad idea. More eyes on your items = more sales. As you may have heard, Jet was bought by Walmart this past summer . Recently, Walmart has said that Jet will remain a separate and active company. Today is the day to get set up with Jet! Let’s get you on your way to making more sales on more marketplaces.

Interested In Using Jet On Listing Mirror

You need to sell on many channels to connect with all of your customers, but you don't have time to manage all of your listing, order, and fulfillment data. With Listing Mirror supporting and many other channels, there is no reason not to sign up today! Sync your existing inventory to, and have your fulfillment automated though Listing Mirror. To find out more about our complete list of features, check out our Features or Sign Up for a free trial. If you have any questions, please feel free to Contact Us.

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