How to Sell on Amazon

January 31 2018 IN Amazon How to Sell on Amazon

Start selling on Amazon today in just a few simple steps!

So you want to start selling on Amazon?

Before you start, there are a few things to consider.

You should already have in mind what types of products and how many products you plan to sell each month.

Knowing this information from the start will help you choose the right selling plan, either to Sell as an Individual or Sell as a Professional.

The Individual Seller has access to more than 20 product categories, sells less than 40 items each month, and pays $0.99 per sale (plus any additional selling fees).

The Professional Seller has access to a few more product categories that require additional permissions from Amazon, sells more than 40 items each month, and pays $39.99 every month (plus any additional selling fees).

No matter which plan you choose, next you’ll need to register on Seller Central to manage your Amazon account.

Now that those details out of the way, it’s time to start selling on Amazon.

How to Sell on Amazon:

1. List products on Amazon.

If you’re listing products already listed on Amazon, you’ll just need to enter the number of items, condition of items, and shipping options.

If your products aren’t already listed on Amazon, you’ll need to list the product attributes and identify UPC and SKU numbers.

A cool benefit here to Selling as a Professional is that items can be uploaded in bulk instead of one-by-one, like the Individual Seller is forced to do.

2. Sell, sell, sell.

Once listed on, products are live and waiting for customers to send money your way. Amazon makes it super convenient for customers to purchase items with features like 1-Click.

But hands-down the best part about Amazon, is that their globally-recognized brand name is looming over your products.

3. Ship products to customers.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) can take care of the shipping for you or you can handle the shipping on your own.

4. Get Paid.

The most important part... the paycheck.

Amazon deposits earnings directly into a bank account and sends notifications when funds are available.

It’s simple to start selling on Amazon and Listing Mirror makes it even easier.

Once you are up and running on Amazon, Listing Mirror will allow you to sell on other multichannel platforms, such as BigCommerce or Shopify.

With Listing Mirror, it's easy to expand the number of channels your products are available on.

Happy selling!

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