Best Strategies for Organizing Your Warehouse

Inventory management is one of those topics that seem straightforward from a high-level perspective. However, as your company grows and inventory levels increase accordingly, things can become unwieldy more quickly than you might anticipate. Being prepared for this eventuality is crucial to remaining lean while fulfilling your customers’ wants and needs; this preparation begins with having the right inventory management software in place. No matter how big your business, Listing Mirror’s Inventory Mirror is the inventory management software for you.

Managing inventory from a room in your home is one thing; however, once those levels grow to the point where you need to consider a warehouse, you will need to adapt to keep your order and shipping process smooth and efficient. At this point, you will want to have had Inventory Mirror in place from your business’ inception, now it’s time to begin planning your warehouse and expanding your inventory management system. Let our software handle the heavy lifting while you plan to be a rising star in your industry.  

Warehouse Organization

Planning your warehouse begins with putting together a floor plan. It’s important to lay out your warehouse in such a way that allows for quick access to inventory, specifically the items most commonly used. Putting like items in the same space will aid in efficiency and save your employees time as they pick through the product.

Additionally, be sure to place all shelving and storage areas in a manner that keeps your workforce safe and free of clutter. It will be helpful to put this plan on paper first to better get an idea of what will and won’t work, as well as bring to light any limitations in square footage or structural deficiencies. The ideal floor plan will take into account both quality and quantity as both will be important as they relate to inventory management.

 The Centralized Order Management system built into Listing Mirror will aid in putting together this floor plan by keeping all orders in one place letting you be able to accurately determine your floor plan needs and adjust for concerns real and perceived.

Warehouse Management Software

Among the many advantages offered by the Inventory Mirror management software is the ability to stay “lean”. Staying lean isn’t at all a new concept when it comes to business holistically, but it isn’t typically the first thing companies think of when they begin planning warehouse organization. Planning lean allows a warehouse to identify and eliminate waste while shipping and receiving work together in tandem easier thereby increasing speed, flow, and accuracy. This increase in efficiency will shorten response time, allowing you to better adjust to changes in your customer base in an ever-evolving marketplace. Because our Inventory Management software syncs listing data across all platforms, your employees will be able to spend more time focusing on product rather than having to stress over inventory levels are correct with every vendor offering your goods and services.

Floor Layout

Once your plan is put into place and all shelves and storage areas are responsibly laid out, it is key to label everything clearly and accurately. Keeping everything labeled makes it easier for your workforce to get the product they need quickly and orders coming in and out without undue interruption. If equipment like a forklift or pallet jack will be required, be sure to leave enough space for these to be operated safely.

 As a general rule, products are kept at 80/20 levels, 80% of which being most common leaving the remaining 20% to be least common. The downside to this thought process leaving you less capable of adjusting to changes in your customers buying habits. With Inventory Mirror’s Centralized Inventory Management System, you will be better able to manage inventory levels keeping you in a position to pivot quickly if need be.  

Review, Review, Review

As with most things related to businesses large and small, in order to remain dynamic, constantly reviewing your inventory management system and the warehouse floor plan is crucial. As your business develops and customers come and go, your inventory needs to correspondingly adjust.

 Moreover, rarely are growing companies happy with leveling out, as you grow your supply chain needs to grow as well. Performing regular maintenance will not only keep your workforce safe and injury free, but it will also help you to identify shortcomings in your current inventory management system.

 As you move forward and your business grows, Inventory Mirror will be with you every step of the way. With its long list of features, integrations and 14-day trial period, Listing Mirror stands as the inventory management software for your business.